Goa Scan Centre

`GOA SCAN CENTRE` the most advanced Diagnostic Centre of its kind in Goa which is located  at Porvorim , Bardez Goa on NH – 17, next to State Bank of India, near Chodankar Nursing Home & Research Centre, which is a sister concern of CHODANKAR NURSING HOME & RESEARCH CENTRE

  1. This diagnostic centre has most advanced ‘Sensation 64 Cardiac & Whole Body Scanner ` from Siemens, Germany. This is the most advanced CT Scan machine in Goa.
    Non – invasive imaging technologies continue to revolutionize every subspecialty of medicine. Cardiac Imaging is no different and new imaging devices have shown enormous promise to diagnose a variety of cardiovascular abnormalities. Perhaps the most important such technology in cardiac diagnostics is the development of multi – detector cardiac CT. the 64 slice Cardiac CT is the ultimate non – invasive modality in imaging of the heart and its blood supply. Such unparalleled resolutions, combined with short scan times, allow visualization of the heart and entire coronary tree within one breath. Brain Angiography , Renal Angiography, Peripheral Angiography is done with maximum accuracy. Also it has a software to do Bone Osteometry and 3D Study of all organs.
  2. MRI  -- Award winning Hitachi Non Claustrophobic MRI
  3. 4D Colour Doppler and Ultrasonography: This is the most advanced Sonography machine  which can detect .
    1. Any congenital malformation in the fetus during ante-natal period.
    2. Child`s movements and facial expressions can be made available to the parents.
    3. Vascular studies like Peripheral Doppler Vascular Study, Renal DopplerVascular Study and feotal Vascular Doppler Study like MCA, UAF etc.
    4. Biopsy`s of soft tissue like breast,thyroid can be done at the same time.
  4. Mammography: This is the most advanced machine to detect Breast cancer in initial stag. 
  5. Advanced Digital X- Ray Machine
  6. Fully automated Laboratory services
  7. Nassan Pulmonary function Test
  8. Audiometry