Central Diagnostic Centre

 'Central Diagnostic Centre' is a Radiology Centre situated  at Mapusa , Bardez Goa, at Garden Centre opposite Mapusa Police Station,  which is a sister concern of CHODANKAR NURSING HOME & RESEARCH CENTRE . This centre is established in 1990.

  1. This diagnostic centre has most advanced ‘ 4D Sonography  machine with colour Doppler. This is the most advanced Sonography machine  which can detect .
    1. Any congenital malformation in the fetus during ante-natal period.
    2. Child`s movements and facial expressions can be made available to the parents.
    3. Vascular studies like Peripheral Doppler Vascular Study, Renal Doppler Vascular Study and feotal Vascular Doppler Study like MCA, UAF etc.
    4. Biopsy`s of soft tissue like breast, thyroid can be done at the same time.
  2. Advanced Digital X- Ray Machine
  3. Fully Automated Laboratory Services

Dr. Sandeep Bhat  ( DMRD ) is a full time Radiologists at the above centre.